Let's be easier?

Jurisprudence — the science of the state, government, law ... and a heaps of all that, many of us do not understand.. And legal companies - this is the ray of light in the tangled knot of of the terms, laws and securities. And how do we sell the services of lawyers? =) The slogan "We make the complex simple. Around the world" and three unpretentious symbols became our salvation.

Делаем сложное простым


Again scales, hammers and judges?

How long have you seen a brochure that you would take with you? We went away from the banal associations of legal services (yes, the same scales, hammers and judges). The result is a vivid brochure that simply and clearly describes the nonhuman wordings and terms.

Business Cards

Everything is as usual for lawyers. Restrained, high quality, no frills.


Adaptive design for each country

These leaflets created for informing potential customers of our partners for their international activities. With the design we have decided not to invent anything new, but only to play up already existing characters, by adding national differences in each country.