Development of any mobile application begins with a ditailed analysis of the user requirements, thinking out a functional components and prototyping screens of future application. As a result we chart a map screens of mobile application, wich reflects the logic of his work.


We created a unified interface style in the corporate colours and designed a set of beautiful icons

App Icon

We created a universal design that perfectly adapts to every mobile platform

Final Design

More than 25 screens for each mobile platform

As a result it turned out user friendly interface, which includes more than 25 unique screens. With great ease user will be able to find information about any autocenters of the holding in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. There is also fast access to emergency phone numbers and manual of dashboard indicators.


Windows Phone

Leonid Alexandrov [the project leader from Atlant-M]

The guys took the project after over it 9 months the Minsk team worked and launched it in Public (the first working version) for a 2 month, despite the fact that they had to do all from scratch. Zavarka Team used efficiently functional Netcat, which allowed to make everything quickly and accurately.

— Leonid Alexandrov [the project leader from Atlant-M]