Development of creative conceptions



Something about the project

Project «Visit Britain» is joint advertising campaign of the British Department of tourism and the leading youth tour operator of Russia. Our team has developed several advertising concepts both for the Internet and offline. Our project aims are increasing among youth popularity of tourism and study in the UK.

Final versions

We decided to get away from the typical images of attractions and took pictures of real students from London. Adding some bright colors and trendy elements, we got a very dynamic youth posters and calendars.

Social Media Marketing

Practically any modern advertising campaign does not shy away from social networks, it’s a great way to make your brand recognizable.

Our posters, a little creativity, a couple of screaming phrases — and banners for Internet advertising are ready! It’s very simple.

Great Britain — You’re invited =)

Tatiana Khoreshok [Manager of British Department of tourism VisitBritain]

We are very happy with this campaign. Our main audience — is youth, and they love the new images that related to the UK and the opportunity to discover this wonderful country. We want to show how diverse can be the UK and how many interesting events going on in her cities.

— Tatiana Khoreshok [Manager of British Department of tourism VisitBritain]